Welcome to Flashex Steel Kitchens

Flashex Steel Kitchens (FSK) manufactures all steel kitchen units with a steel carcass and wood grain or steel doors. We use all grades of Stainless Steel, Epoxy Coated Mild Steel and Aluminium. We also do our own Epoxy Powder Coating on all our products with our very own plant.

Delivery offered within Gauteng area depending on the size of the order.

Floor units range in sizes from single door units (300 mm in width), to four-door units (1800 mm in width). Sink units are available with the bowl on the left or right hand side or with two bowls. Sliding or hinged doors may be chosen, and widths range from 900 to 1800 mm. Wall units range in width from 900 to 1800 mm (sliding doors) or from 450 to 1800 mm (hinged doors). The broom and grocery cupboards are made in two widths: 450 and 900 mm. The oven unit measures 770 mm in width by 1935 mm in height.

Low cost kitchens are available for the RDP market.

Products we manufacture

Sink Units With Sliding Doors: (GSU) & Hinged Doors (HSU)
Wash Trough Hinged Door Unit(WT)
Low Cost Unit With Open Back (CSU)
Kitchenette Units(KNU) & Drawers
Floor Units With Hinged Doors(BU) & Sliding Doors(BSU)
Wall Units: Hinged Door(WHU), Sliding Steel(WSS), Sliding Glass(WSG)
Broom Unit(BC)& Grocery Unit(GC)
Stove Unit(SU), Oven Unit(OU) & Microwave Unit(MC) provided.