Powder Coating

Flashex Steel Kitchens & Powder Coating use only the best products available to us when we do our powder coating. Our team has years of experience in powder coating products and take every care to assure high quality and standards. We do the coatings for interior as well as exterior goods depending on your specifications. There are textured or smoot finishes available in many and varied colours to suit different and varied requirements.

The products are chemically washed and treated to removes all oil, grease, grime and dirt and ensure rust protection. The next step is the powder coating itself which is done with our semi-automated plant using a conveyer system and spray booths. After coating the products they go into a 16 meter gas operated oven and cures for around 20 minutes at atemperature of 200 degrees Celsius. Cool down takes a further 10 to 15 minutes before goods are completed and ready for packaging and shipment or if further work is to be done before shipment, we send all goods to our assembly line.